Dr. Alec Couros Walks Us Down the Path of Digital Culture

Alec Couros has long been in the world of social and digital culture.  He was/is an early adopter in the social world and has watched it evolve from a place for nerds, full of hope for the future, to what it is today.  Recently we have seen much reporting on the downsides of digital culture with fake news, extremist information and louder voices than usual.
Alec and I discuss this world, how it has changed and the impact it has on our students and their learning.  We wrap it up with a story or two about catfishing.  Not sure what that is? Put it this way, Alec has been replicated thousands of times on the internet.



Professor of educational media at the University of Regina. Well-known keynote speaker, educator, consultant, and advocate for openness and connectedness in education and digital literacy.

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