Student Lincoln Bacal Shares Her Vision of an Activist Future for our Students

As you can imagine the youth of today are a little riled up when it comes to our world and the direction it is heading. While this may be the norm for all younger generations, I get a sense it is magnified at the moment.
Today, I speak with Lincoln Bacal a student at the Venture Academy School in Minnesota in the USA. She is a passionate and articulate advocate for youth issues and attends an entrepreneurial focused school that lets her explore her passions and, in her case, act on them.


Twitter: @lincolnbacal


Lincoln is passionate about giving young people the opportunity to engage in student-centered learning and becoming effective change agents in the process of the transformation of learning. She is a member of Venture’s Changemakers team, a student-led group supporting Venture’s shift to deeper student centered practices.
She helps to promote diversity and inclusion in the historically white, upper middle-class Minnesota Youth in Government program as a member of its state leadership and candidate for Lt. Governor. She also interned for the Minnesota House of Representatives and the Citizens League, a nonpartisan public policy think tank in St. Paul.

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