Elementary School Design Specialist David Lee Helps Us Understand Design Thinking and Mindsets | Education Vanguard #95

Design Thinking is a popular idea and methodology winding its way across school today.  With the idea that the future is more unpredictable now than in the past, Design Thinking helps us to be more future ready.
However, according to David Lee an Elementary STEM & EdTech Specialist at Singapore American school, it is our mindset that really plays the largest role on how well we embrace Design Thinking and other opportunities in our lives.
I talk with David about his early roots and the progression of his mindset during his formative years and how that led to his current work and writing of the book Design Thinking in the Classroom.


David’s goal as an educator is to empower every student to develop systems and habits of learning that render them future-ready, empowered citizens who have the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and learning abilities to succeed in their future professions, projects, personal lives, and civic duties.



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