Susan Bearden Paints A Pathway For Good Digital Citizenship

That’s it!  My reputation, my career, my possibility of getting into a good university is over.  All because of some sillysusan Bearden things I posted online.
This is sometimes the conversation we fear having with others about something we said online.  Or more likely, something one of our students said online.
Today I talk with Susan Bearden author of Digital Citizenship: A Community-Based Approach, about this very scenario and much more. We cover what digital citizenship means, what it looks like in practice, a few resources that are available online and what the future of it all might look like.

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Susan M. Bearden is the Director of Information Technology at Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy in Melbourne FL. She is the author of Digital Citizenship: A Community Based Approach, published as part of the Corwin Connected Educators series, and the co-moderator of the popular Twitter chat #edtechchat.

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