Michael Matera Makes Gamification In Our Classrooms Possible For All Of Us

Gamification in the classroom is all about creating something to motivate students in the classroom right? Well that michael materais what I thought until I talked with my Michael Matera, my guest today. Michael, a middle school teacher and author of the book Explore Like a Pirate has changed, more like improved, my thinking on the topic of gamification. As he points out in our discussion, gamification enables instructors to vary how students look at content, what paths of inquiry they take and how they decide who should be a member of their group.  
Michael also discusses where his dive into gamification started and the reactions he sees from many of us when we think about bringing gamification to our classrooms.

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Michael Matera is an innovative middle school Social Studies teacher at University School of Milwaukee. As a gamification guru and moonshot thinker, Michael transforms the traditional classroom into a high-energy environment where active student engagement is paramount.

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