The Connecting Power of Stories With Author Deborah Abela | Education Vanguard #101

“Stories connect us in a way facts cannot.”  These words from Deb Abela, my guest today, stuck with me during our conversation. For Deb, the author of 26 books and counting, stories are the lifeblood of her work.

But storytelling is not the only thing driving Deb today. Much of her work involves sharing the craft and excitement of writing with young people around the world. Deb is an enthusiastic ambassador for writing and engages students with her excitement and passion.



Deborah trained as a teacher before becoming writer/producer of a national children’s TV show. Since then, she has become an internationally published and awarded author of 27 books about spies, soccer legends, WW2, pesky wolves, spelling bees and kids living in a climate-changed world. Her latest is Final Storm. 

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