Aaron Reedy Helps Us Interact with Data at All Grade Levels

Hey, let’s talk about data! Hearing those words might make some of us run for the hills and hide, while others might be excited for that discussion.

Thankfully we now have other ways to talk about and deal with data. 

Thanks to people like Aaron Reedy, my guest today, the discussion of data is moving toward a visual presentation that lets all of us participate.

Aaron Reedy is the founder of Dataclassroom: “A web app that allows teachers of grades 6-12 to grow data intuition in students.” We go all in on data visualization and how regular teachers can use it in their classrooms.



Aaron taught high school biology for seven years in  Chicago Public Schools. He left the classroom to do a PhD in Evolutionary Biology and is currently a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in Biology studying aging in wild lizard populations.

Aaron co-founded DataClassroom to improve the teaching of quantitative skills in math and science classes around the country.

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