The Wildwood School of Los Angeles Outreach Program | Education Vanguard 107

When you have something working well for your organization, you might decide to keep it to yourself as a competitive advantage or you might take the longer view and share your methodologies with others.

Wildwood school, an independent school based in Los Angeles, took the longer view. They created the Wildwood Outreach Center where they bring their ideas and support to schools around the world.  

I speak with Steve Barett, the director of the Wildwood Outreach Center about their programs and some of the specific focus they have on Systems Thinking, contextual and social emotional learning.





Steve is the Director of the Wildwood Outreach Center, a professional development center housed at Wildwood School in Los Angeles and has 30 years’ experience as a teacher and administrator in public and private schools in California and Illinois. As a facilitator, Steve’s guided the professional learning of educators throughout the US and internationally.

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