HS Principal Dr. David Lovelin on Life after Nine Weeks of Virtual Schooling | Education Vanguard # 105

When you wake up in the morning and read in the newspaper that your international school will be closed, it can be a bit shocking. Dr. David Lovelin, the High School Principal at Hong Kong International School, had that experience along with the added concern of how do we plan a program in a virtual school environment?

Our discussion ranges from day one to nine weeks later and what emerges as the important things to focus on during these trying and “interesting” times.



Dr. David Lovelin has been an administrator for the past 15 years in several different roles and is currently the High School Principal for Hong Kong International School. Previously, Dr. Lovelin worked at Korea International School and in the US in varied leadership roles and with a continued commitment for developing innovative education programs, promoting a positive culture, building relationships, and grounded in supporting all learners.

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