Adam Clark Teaches Us That Wisdom Is The Key To Wellness

Beep, ping, buzz.  In many ways those sounds and sensations dominate our lives in ways they have not done in years past. We are confronted with feedback on our efforts, our friendships and our thoughts. Much of this feedback is Adam Clark Headshot-1great; sometimes not so great.  Regardless of how we feel about our new reality (personally I really like it), there is a focus on our students and the impact our world of instant communication has on their well being.
School counselor Adam Clark has some thoughts to share about these topics. I ask him about what it means to be resilient today and why that is an important part of our general mental health.  In his response, Adam takes us into something he has been thinking about as a long term trend: Going from wellness in our lives to leveraging wisdom as a means of increasing overall well being.


Adam is a school counselor, photographer, philosopher, artist. His background is in adolescent mental health and, lately, finds himself looking farther afield in terms of strategies to help foster useful patterns with students for their own well-being.

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