Brian Smith Makes Things Move in a Maker Movement Sort of Way

Back in my school days students who worked with their hands in school were the ones not on track to attend college HKIS_BrianSmith_squareor university.  Those industrial arts programs were later axed as a result of budget cuts and the belief they were not rigorous enough.
Thanks to the Maker Movement and passionate educators like Brian Smith, my guest today, a new understanding is taking place.  Linking themselves to the constructivist movement, educators like Brian are bringing back hands on work and our students are really benefitting.

Brian and I talk about the Maker Movement, the history behind the movement and where it is going today in education.


Brian C. Smith holds a Masters in Math, Science & Technology education and is working at Hong Kong International School. His work interests are around creating modern learning experiences for students and teachers. Faculty member at the Constructing Modern Knowledge teacher institute each summer in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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