Andy Vasily Bets It All To Share His Core Beliefs On The Powerful Role Of Physical Education For Our Students

As we move along in life we face decision points.  Often there is a level risk associated with the direction we take.  ForAndy Headhshot Andy Vasily, a fear of risk did not stop him from moving forward to communicate his passions and beliefs about the role of physical education in the school life of students.
Andy, along with co-founder Dean Dudley, started Nexus Education to promote their core beliefs on the role of physical education and as a vehicle to communicate important research in the field.
For Andy, this meant leaving his current job as an elementary school PYP PE educator and moving into full time consulting. A decade or more of writing and reflecting as well as connecting with other educators made the risk worth the gamble.
Andy is a featured presenter at the Asia Pacific Physical Education Conference in Hong Kong


Andy Vasily is an educational consultant, workshop leader, and speaker. He has taught internationally for the last 18 years in four different countries.

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